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Webinar - The Future of Internal Communication

How the role of internal communication is changing 

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What this webinar is about

Internal Communication is undergoing a huge change these days.


From being the producers of corporate content and being measured on whether anyone reads their stuff, their role is now shifting towards a role as facilitators and connectors.


The COVID-19 outbreak has only accelerated this evolution. Good internal communication has become absolutely today, where people are forced to work from home. 

During this webinar, we will look into how the role of internal communications is shifting, what issues have become increasingly important to focus on and how to get started with recalibrating your internal communication strategy.

The topics

The evolution of internal communication - and how COVID-19 has changed the game

The technological changes have had a significant impact on society as a whole, and this has changed the game for internal communications.


We're now competing for attention with global players like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Furthermore, the pandemic has made communication so much more important.

We look into how this has changed the game for internal communications.

Opportunities & Challenges

The opportunities and challenges the evolution has caused.


Among other things, we will be looking into how to connect everyone in the business, how to develop inspiring communication that strengthens corporate culture and how to connect your output with your business goals.

Internal Communication and Employee Experience

Internal communication plays a big role in offering a great employee experience.


We look at how internal communication can offer a great employee experience - and how that ultimately impacts the customer experience.


You will see some real case examples from around the world from companies who have succeeded in delivering inspiring internal communication activities.

How to get started

A hands-on approach to how to get started. You will get a very simple model and framework to prioritise your internal communication activities and how to recalibrate your collaboration with your stakeholders in your organisation.

The takeaways

This session will 

-  Help you understand where and how internal communication has a business impact

-  Enable you and your team to distinguish between classic information and inspiration - and why the ladder is crucial to the success of your organization.

- Give you tools and techniques to get started. 

The target audience 

Internal Communication and HR Teams who would like some inspiration into how to develop their approach to internal communication.


1 hour


English, Danish, and German 


Jonas Bladt Hansen

Take a look at Jonas' profile on LinkedIn


Place: Moscow (RUS)

Topic: #InternalCommunication

I invited Jonas to Moscow to speak at our conference about «Internal communications for the business - 2017». Here, he shared his thoughts about the future of Internal communications showcasing great cases and tools from his own experience from working with internal communications. I have to say that he was speaking with the consecutive translation which isn’t so easy to do without experience!


The audience was very inspired - and laughed a lot. A year later I had the chance to invite Jonas again to speak at our intensive 4-day workshop «Internal communications: channels, content, efficiency».


He was opening the first day as keynote speaker with a two hour practical presentation. The evauation from the participants speak for themselves: 4.8/5 for presentation and 4.8/5 for speaking.


I am very glad to have met Jonas and to have had the opportunity to work with him. He is very competent, acts responsible, is very professional, has a global approach, and gives honest and clear answers.


He is a wonderful speaker who can turn the complex into simple by illustrating it with concrete examples and visuals.


His presentations are always well-structured and visual. He is able to inspire and shares useful knowledge with the audience!

Elena Bogdanova

CEO, Rivelty Intranet

Jonas, beskåret.png

Place: Amsterdam (NED)

Topic: #EmployeeExperience

"Jonas gave an interesting and insightful speech that scored very highly with our delegates. In fact, he received the highest score of all speakers over the two-day event."

Lisa Storey

Content Producer, Unleash Digital Communication

Place: Stockholm (SE)

Topic: #InternalCommunication


"Jonas really gave us food for thought and inspired us all on our journey in developing our strategic internal communications work."

Pauline Ljungberg

Communication Manager, Scandic Hotels


"What an amazing approach – inspirational!"

"Best Presentation. Very inspiring and authentic."

"Can take away a lot for our current projects."

"I wish I could make this presentation for our Executive team so that we could walk the talk."

"MEGA interesting. Thank you for insights about the past, the present, and an exciting future."

"It was very exciting to be challenged on existing ways of working and the tools we use."

"Jonas has an exciting profile with deep knowledge and great points."

"Exciting and well-structured approach"

"Jonas is always doing great presentations and he is good at engaging the audience in a dialogue. Very inspiring" 

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