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The best performing blog posts in 2019

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

As 2019 is coming to an end, I had a look at my best performing blog posts across platforms.

Here they are:

1. In the future, companies measure Return on Experience before Return on Investment. Here is why.

During my professional career and personal experiences as a customer, I have always wondered why organizations make so many inside-out decisions, solely focusing on short term impact. A main reason is that large organizations are so siloed, that they are not able to do anything else. This was why I decided to write this article and show that there are organizations out there, where employees and customers have great experiences. It just takes a different approach - a focus on Return on Experience before Return on Investment.

Links to Danish versions:

Bureaubiz -

Kommunikationsforum -

2. The Danger of not listening in a time of change

In the business world, a lot of decisions are based on previous experiences. Often, the organization is led by the HIPPO principle. Here the Highest Income Persons Personal Opinion is valued most. However, the CEO is often the last to know and in a world that is getting more complex, relying on a few people's opinions is a risky adventure. I, therefore, met with Pia Lauritzen, the co-founder of to discuss the power of questions.

3. Why the future organization will skip the annual engagement survey

Filling out the yearly annual engagement survey has been one of my most meaningless things to do. However, .the follow-up workshop three months after the survey was done was the most underwhelming experience. Those who were unhappy might already have left the company - and left the rest guessing why certain areas scored low so that they can fill out the action plan template to HR. Today, you don't need to put employees through this meaningless exercise. You can do pulse surveys instead - and use the results as input to your day-to-day leadership approach. I met with Peakons Director of Employee Experience to discuss how this could enhance managers at work.

4. What Internal Communicators should start to focus on now

Back in March, I went to an event in London about Internal Communication hosted by Poppulo. This post is about what I heard and what I believe is required to succeed in Internal Communications.

5. Employee Advocacy - the new way to bore your network to death?

I have worked with Employee Advocacy for some time and I am becoming a bit concerned that this has just become the marketing and communication department's new toy. If you scroll down your LinkedIn feed I am sure you will notice a lot of people in your network sharing corporate content, produced by the marketing or communications department. This is not what Employee Advocacy should be about. And this is why I wrote this blog.

Danish version:

6. The future of work is not about Millenials - It's about having an age-friendly workplace for all

The word "Millenials" might be one of the most hyped words in the last century. As the share of Millenials at work has grown to nearly 50 % it has also become a rather meaningless segment to focus on. Furthermore, "Millenials" at work is not the only challenge you have. The workforce is also growing older. People in their 60's today might stay on and work until they are 75. I had a look at how organizations can create an environment where the young and the "wise" people benefit from each other.

7. Why IT is not ITs business anymore

With more and more organizations entering the cloud a new approach to IT is required. The business has to take more responsibility for the solutions they choose. And if they use the same approach to IT than they did in the past, they might just succeed in digitizing the past. Which will be a waste of everybody's time - and money. The blog is about how the Business and the IT department can work together to create more value.

8. Hvad skal lederne lave når robotterne laver det hele? (DANISH ONLY)

I wrote this article as part of my keynote speech about new and intelligent technologies at work and how this will enhance managers at work. Unfortunately only in danish.


Explaining user-centric web design. The one metaphor that will be your highway to heaven.

This is a blog post I finally managed to do which is based on a couple of speeches I did in Sydney and Philadelphia. The blog was inspired by all the different experiences I've had with UX design on Intranets. Here, I share one powerful metaphor that helped my stakeholders understand the user journey.

10. Four bold things you should do to make better decisions

A short blog about new ways to make decisions. A hint - maybe you should not be the one making the decision at all!

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