What this webinar is about

Working from home during the COVID-19 crisis is very different from working from home under normal circumstances. Some might be used to it while others are not.


Some might know which tools to use and how to plan their day while others have to fight the tempting distractions right at their fingertips. 

This webinar addresses the challenges people are facing when they are suddenly finding themselves isolated at home trying to get some work done. 

The target audience 

Teams or organizations that want to create a great remote work culture.

The topics

New opportunities 

How to use the Coronocrisis to improve your remote work experience

How to stay productive

The surprising challenge in staying productive when working from home - and what to do about it.

Why handling the weapons of mass distraction is crucial

What are the main distractors at home, and how can we deal with them?

What you can do to stay human

How do we stay connected? How does leadership change when everyone is working from home? What technologies can help us stay connected? 

The takeaways

This session will 

- Get you started on shaping a great remote work culture

- Enable you to stay productive when working from home

- Show tools & techniques that can help you improve your remote work experience


1 hour


English, Danish, and German 


Jonas Bladt Hansen

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