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It's not about having all the answers anymore. Rather, it's about helping people find them.

In today's unpredictable environment, internal communication is not about giving all the answers on behalf of the CEO. Most likely, the CEO will not have them. Instead, the new focus should be on facilitating the dialogue in the organization in asking questions and finding answers - and inspire each other to act. 

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A new mindset is required

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The evolution of internal communication

Good internal communication has never been more important. At the same time, the definition of what "good internal communication" is, has changed. It's no longer a matter of convincing people but much more about enabling people to communicate, collaborate and make sense of what is going on in and outside the organization.

This requires a new mindset in the way we approach internal communication. It's not about measuring if people read the content we produce. It's about helping people to do the right things - and measure it at best!

In fact, we see a shift in focus from

Measuring if people read an article → Measure the business impact of internal communication

Producing  content → Facilitating dialogues and connecting people

Being corporate → Being human and authentic

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How we can help


We speak about the future of internal communication. You will get plenty of inspiration and methods to create outcome focused communication activities.

Workshops & Courses

We facilitate workshops for internal communication teams who want to develop their approach. We also do courses in channel and content strategy.

Strategy & Execution

We can help develop your internal communication strategy and help you choose the right digital tools to facilitate communication and knowledge sharing across the organization.

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