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Inversus & Praice present:

Do happy employees really make happy customers?

Frederiksberg Bryghus, Tuesday, May 12, 2020, 5-7 PM

About the event

During this event, we will have a closer look at the concept of Employee Experience and discuss if and how it can be a way to understand how the corporate culture is affecting everything from innovation to customer experience. Thanks to our sponsor, Praice, you can enjoy free beer from Frederiksberg Bryghus during the event and will even get a bottle to take home!

Designing Employee Experiences

Michael Dean, Director of Employee Experience at Peakon

How does Peakon design programs and initiatives that support people across the employee lifecycle?


Michael Dean will speak about how Peakon works with employee experience - from onboarding and office experience to peer feedback, growth frameworks, and strategic communications.

On top of that, we will hear about if Peakon has found any data yet that gives new insights into finding correlations between employee and customer experience.


What is Employee Experience and why is it important?

Jonas Bladt Hansen, Inversus

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Jonas, beskåret.png

What is Employee Experience about?

Jonas will give concrete examples of what Employee Experience is about and how organizations can work with this concept. 


During his presentations, he will give you some insights into studies that show that this could be the key to creating a competitive advantage.

Link for sign up coming soon!

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