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"Happy employees make
happy customers."


That has been the notion for decades. However, engagement levels at work are at unprecedented low levels. We can help you understand what really makes people thrive at work - and how it impacts your bottom line.

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Employee Experience drives Employee Engagement
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What really matters at work

For decades, employee engagement has been seen as something that can be improved with an "engagement campaign" or perks like free cantine food or shopping discounts. The problem is that engagement campaigns are not sustainable. They work like adrenaline shots. Perks and benefits will just become an expectation after some time.

Our Employee Experience model shows what we believe really matters to people at work. In its essence it is about three things:​

  1. Your relationships at work.

  2. The degree of meaningful work.

  3. A work experience where purpose and values are reflected in what people say and do.

How we can help


We speak about how to drive engagement by designing great employee experiences. You will get plenty of inspiration and methods to get started right away.

Workshops & Courses

We facilitate workshops on employee experience design and on certain elements in the Employee Experience model.

Strategy & Execution

We help you create sustainable employee engagement strategies. If needed. we can also drive the whole implementation process.

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