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In the future, IT solutions create flow, not friction

We spend 30 % of our work time searching for information. What a waste of time. In the future, the best organizations offer digital solutions that nudge people with information and insights they need when they need it - even when they did not know they needed it!

From reactive to proactive workplace technologies

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Why IT is not IT's business anymore

The next digital workplace strategy is about enhancing people at work - not just making information and services available to them.


Cloud-based technologies are entering the workplace and that offers a world of new opportunities. The new platforms often offer APIs that makes it possible to integrate different solutions and harvest a lot of benefits - both on the front- and backend. Done right, it could improve the digital employee experience significantly and also give the organization ongoing data insights to constantly improve the services offered.

Also, one of the biggest pains of organizations is about to be solved - reaching front-line employees.

However, there is a real risk that organizations miss out on that opportunity. Until now, workplace technology has been able to make information available in a more or less structured way - and responded to people's needs - for instance by offering a search engine.


In the future, workplace technology will be able to offer something we only know from our private life - proactive services. Just like Spotify suggests songs we might like, or Google reminds us about a meeting we have and advises us on the fastest way to the destination. Imagine a solution that tells you to reduce your meeting time - or one that pushes a short learning video because it has identified a knowledge gap. This is already possible today. But business, as usual, will not get you there. To offer these kinds of services will require a  new mindset in organizations: It requires a much closer collaboration between IT and the business - and most likely a new IT Infrastructure approach.  Last but not least, IT should no longer be seen as IT's business.

How we can help


We speak about how to create a great digital employee experience. You will gain a better understanding of what nudging technologies can offer and see how the best organizations are already transforming their digital workplace.

Workshops & Courses

We facilitate workshops for teams who want to develop their approach towards the digital workplace. Topics could be:

- Establishing a common approach to the digital employee experience

- Selection of digital tools to drive collaboration and communication

- Assess business needs

Strategy & Execution

We can help develop your digital workplace strategy, choose the right digital tools and help execute the strategy if needed.

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