Inversus offers perspectives on internal communication that help organisations link business objectives with communication objectives. We offer inspiration, workshops and advice on how to evolve your approach to internal communication, implement digital channels or create engaging content.

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Inversus helps you stay
above the curve

Internal communication has changed significantly during the last 10 years. The digital evolution now offers the opportunity to both create very inspiring and engaging content but it also offers a big opportunity to facilitate inspiring and insightful conversations that could help strengthen trust, create better understanding or even new innovative ideas!


However, many internal communication departments are finding themselves struggling with understanding what the digital evolution means for them. In particular in finding out how to get the most value out of for instance an internal social media platform, an employee advocacy app, or a new Intranet. 

This is where I help!

How Inversus can help you

I can help you understand how the digital evolution has changed the expectations towards internal communication - and what new opportunities have emerged. Some of my clients have struggled with: 

  • Developing their internal communication strategy to become more focused on delivering on the business strategy

  • Developing engaging formats 

  • Implementation of digital communication channels like Intranets, internal social media or employee advocacy platforms

  • Finding the right vendor for your internal communication platform

  • Measuring the effect of internal communication

  • Linking communication objectives to business objectives

  • Educating or inspiring your team 

There is no one approach that fits every company. But having a common starting point will yield better results in the longer term.


I will lead you to that starting point and make sure you have the fuel in terms of inspiration, knowledge and tools to take off to the place where your organisation needs you to deliver the best possible business results!

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