About Inversus

Inversus means "turned around". And this is what we do. We offer thought-provoking - perspectives on The Future of Work - more specifically on Employee Engagement, Employee Experience, Internal Communication, and the Digital Workplace.

Inversus was founded by Jonas Bladt Hansen who has more than 15 years of experience in the field of Organizational Development, Digital Workplace and Corporate Communication. Jonas has worked in large complex organizations where he has held many different positions spanning from Executive Assistant to Director of a global communications team.

Jonas has worked in the intersection between IT and the business throughout his career and has a hands-on, down to earth perspective on how the future of work is impacting people in organizations. Jonas is often speaking at internal corporate events and at external conferences around the world.

Inversus has built a strong network of consultants and partners who believe that the future of work is about creating workplaces where people thrive and where customers love to be customers. 


Problems we solve

Typical problems we have solved are:

  • Rolling out Intranets, from identifying needs over developing the platform to implementing the platform

  • Implementing Enterprise social networking platforms (such as Yammer)

  • Development of Internal communication strategies

  • 1-1 Leadership coaching

  • Identifying software tools to measure and improve employee engagement

  • Identify tools to improve internal communication and the digital workplace

  • Development of a digital workplace strategy, including advice on selection of the right Intranet platform

  • Developing engaging internal communication activities

  • Advising leadership teams on the future of internal communication and organizational design

  • Organizational Change Management

  • Deliver inspiration to create a common mind-set

  • Agile tools to improve engagement, such as helping organizations use Management 3.0 tools

  • Inspire HR departments on how to design Employee Experiences

  • Develop a purpose-driven approach in organizations, using Employee Experience design as a starting point

  • Office 365 adoption strategy

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